Thursday, June 18, 2015

Colorado Children's Hospital - Surgery #3

It's hard to write this post, but I know many of you have called and texted this morning to see how surgery went. We were unable to have the shunt placed, because it appears my water has broken completely. They attempted to insert fluid twice and it just came right back out. Because there is no fluid, the shunt could not be placed. Even if they were able to place it - it's job of cycling fluid through would not be successful because the fluid would come out anyway. 

I do believe that miracles happen, and if I am somehow able to partially reseal and retain fluid and baby's bladder ruptures again to allow the fluid to pass from his bladder into his belly and through the existing shunt - we may be able to hold on to him a little longer. However, it is more likely that we will be sending him to his Heavenly home soon. Because there is no other intervention that can be done, we will head back to Utah in the morning as long as I do not go into labor tonight. 

Thank you all for your continued love and prayers for our family. I will write more once I have had time to process a bit. As much as my heart aches, I feel surrounded by the Savior's love and peace - and I know whether in this life or the next, we will be with our sweet baby boy. 

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  1. Leisha, you are a special daughter of our loving Heavenly Father. He loves you more than you can imagine. I can't imagine the pain you and Vahe are feeling right now. You have given this little boy so much love. The wonderful Plan of Salvation and eternal families is a great blessing to all of us. You will have a perfect little boy waiting for you on the other side of the veil where you will be able to raise him in an environment without any influence from Satan. What a blessing for him and for you. We love you so much. You are wise beyond your years. May the Lord continue to bless you and Vahe with the peace that only the Spirit can bring. Love you!