Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Colorado Children's Hospital - Day Seventeen

Our ultrasound yesterday showed baby's bladder filling again - which I was hopeful that it would show. We were not sure if the rupture in baby's bladder would continue to leak into his tummy, or if it would heal - as it appears it has. Because his bladder is full, we are able to reattempt surgery to allow fluid to pass from his bladder into the amniotic sac.

Unfortunately, our surgeon, Dr. Crombleholme, is in France for the next couple of weeks at some kind of Baby-Saving Conference for Incredible Fetal Surgeons, so we are not able to reattempt the stent - because it's kind of his thing based on his own experience and research. So instead, tomorrow morning we will place another Harrison shunt (like baby has going into his tummy) into his bladder as well. The fetal surgeon performing the operation was in our first surgery, but I don't really remember him well due to the sedation during the operation. He grew up in Provo though, and his mom taught at BYU for 25 years - it was fun to make that connection with him.

I am still very hopeful that everything will go well. Placing the shunt is very straight-forward and they have done it many times, so I am not worried about its success. The only major drawback to the shunt is that it will likely need to be replaced a few more times - because it can easily be pulled out by baby. It's possible that if and when we need to replace it we will have the option of the stent again at that point. However, if we make it through the pregnancy with just the shunt - we will be able to deliver at Primary Children's in Salt Lake instead of coming back here to wait to go into labor and deliver. Either way I am sure it will all work out how it is supposed to, and we can really only continue to take it one day at a time at this point. 

I am nervous for surgery tomorrow, just because that's what I do - but I do feel very confident. We will check in at 5:30 with surgery at 7:30 - which, really is the best time because I am not hangry yet but still tired enough that the sedation puts me to sleep quickly. If everything looks good after, they will probably keep us until early next week and then I can go home and see my other baby!!!


  1. Love you. Hope all went well

  2. Praying for a successful surgery! Sending all my love