Friday, June 12, 2015

Colorado Children's Hospital - Surgery #2

Vahe and the girls got in early this morning. It is so good to have them here. They were in heaven over at the Ronald McDonald House - it is completely geared toward kids so they loved exploring the toy rooms and multiple play houses and little kitchens. They also have a big room with hundreds of movies and games you can check out, and lots of Disney and cartoon statues and stuffed animals all over. They told me this morning it was the best day ever. Maybe I should just tell them it's Disneyland to get that out of their system? ;)

Surgery went well today. Since our surgeon is "Surgeon of the Week" he has been on call to perform all of the needed emergency surgeries at the hospital for the week, and has been a busy man. He says the title sounds like it should be a honor, but it actually just means you have to work more. Haha. I seriously love that guy. He is the most soft-spoken, but hilarious and kind man. The first time I met him I went in for the hug (how could you not hug the man trying to save your baby?!) and now he gives me one each time he sees me - it's the best. The world would be a better place if it had more people like him around. 

So, because he was so busy we got started a little late, around 1:30. I actually only had a minor meltdown in the operating room this time, I was much more anxious leading up to it - probably half because there was so much anticipation in waiting so long,and half because I was a seriously starving pregnant lady. I get a little irrational with the combination of high hormones, low blood sugar and without my morning Diet Coke. 

I was hoping that the anesthesiologist would let me skip the spinal this time and just up the sedation instead. The pain really doesn't scare me at this point, it's just the high anxiety of the risks, the survival of our baby, that makes me so emotional each time. I suggested it, and he actually said he wanted to do a spinal-epidural combo, which I wasn't too excited about. But I trusted his advice and went with it. 

The anesthesiologist tried to place the epidural twice in the operating room and couldn't feed it in (not the highlight of my day) and so ended up just going with the spinal - which I think he wasn't the best at either because I completely felt the needles going in both my belly and uterus, just had numb legs. I'm sure it took the edge off, but I don't think it was really worth it in the end. He also didn't give me as much sedation, probably because I was a little more in control - but I remember asking him every few minutes if the baby was okay. So, I'm pretty sure he was tempted to slip a little more in my IV when I wouldn't stop talking. 

The surgery itself went as anticipated. They were able to do the amnio infusion and place the shunt in the same incision. Baby's belly was so incredibly massive this morning before surgery, I wish I had the ultrasound to post. It was so big that it filled the uterus to nearly the size it should be - but, with no surrounding fluid at all, just all in his tummy. After placing the shunt, the surgeon said that his tummy decompressed very quickly and the fluid easily went out into the amniotic sac. I can't wait to see him on the next ultrasound, I can only imagine how much happier and more comfortable he is now. I have even felt him kick a few times - which I very rarely have before because he has had no room to move. 

It was so nice to come back to the room with the girls here, I have missed them so much. They had colored me all sorts of pictures while in surgery, they both have the cutest little gestures of love. I was still pretty drowsy coming back to the room, but just having them there waiting for me made all the difference.

So now, another waiting game. There is a tremendous amount of stress lifted now knowing that, even if temporary, baby has everything he needs to thrive for now. Because the bladder walls have thickened so much from the stretching, it's possible the rupture will never heal in utero. If this is the case, the current shunt could tie him over until delivery. However. If his bladder does heal, or is the shunt comes out, which is likely - we will be in again for another operation. I'm hoping that the current shunt will do its job for at least few weeks though so both baby and I can have time to heal - and maybe if everything is looking okay I can even sneak back home for the weekend for Arie's first birthday and Father's Day. I miss that baby boy more than anything. 

Thank you does not seem adequate for expressing my appreciation for your love, support, fasting and prayers. It is hard to explain the feeling, but I really have felt the prayers said on our behalf and know that angels have been surrounding us, reassuring us with peace at this time of uncertainty. I believe that these sweet babies have such a special and intimate connection to heaven still, and I know our baby boy has felt that love through each prayer - strengthening his fight to come to our family. Thank you for giving him that courage through your faith. Please continue to keep us I your prayers, I know that this journey is far from over for our family - but am hoping the heartbreak is behind us. Love you all.

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