Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Over the past three months, we have been overwhelmed by the love and generosity extended to our family. So many of you have asked how you can help and have offered financial assistance during this difficult time of uncertainty. It is humbling to be the recipient of service, financial or otherwise, and up until this point we have been hesitant to rely on others to help us cover our expenses.

However, our travel expenses, medical bills and costs of everyday living have accumulated over the last couple of months as Vahe has taken time off work to emotionally and physically support myself and the kids - and our situation has become tight. As we financially plan ahead, realizing we will also need to cover the additional costs of either a burial or a NICU stay for Jude, I know that there is a great stress on Vahe to keep our family afloat while also taking care of our three littles at home full-time now.

If you are able, we would be grateful for your support. Any donation we receive will ease our burden tremendously as we move forward with our pregnancy, particularly in the coming months. The button below will allow you to donate directly to our account via PayPal – you do not need a PayPal account to donate. Please know that any amount, great or small is so appreciated.

I also know that there are many of you wanting to help, but may not be able to do so financially. Please, continue to keep us in your prayers – prayer is really the best gift you could give our family at this time. Another small gesture that would mean the world to myself and the girls, is to send them a little letter, hand-drawn picture or card. The hardest thing about our current situation is that I am not there to give the kids the attention that they need from me right now, especially from Kyah and Hannah who realize the difference. It is their favorite thing to receive any type of mail, and just knowing that they had a smile on their face for a few more minutes in the day would be a great blessing to me. You can contact me for our address if you would like it.

We thank you again for your continued love, prayers and support on our behalf.

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